Saturday, June 6, 2015

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014, another dream

If you have been our Instagram followers (Myaanddyana), you must have been heard the news of our clothing label; is now available in Australia (Perth). To be honest, we are actually very excited as this is our first ventures going international through The Modest Society. Australia . For such a small label like us, an invitation to be one of the associates throughly an honour.

As we highly believed that it is a good platform for us to also learnt more into clothing especially muslimah wear, we welcome all kind of feedbacks and comments. So if you are muslimah at Australia based, please feel free to browse the new online fashion hub, The Modest Society. Australia. I heard many more labels will be in soon!

Visit also their Facebook; Themodestsociety.australia

Have a wonderful 2014 dear darlings....

Sunday, November 17, 2013

We love F.0.0.D - BEN General Food Store at Publika

Everytime when Mya meets Dyana, some of the first thing that must be in common are - venue and menu
We love trying new food and talks over great coffee. (Although mya is not as coffeholic as dyana).
It somehow could lead to bigger dreams and inspired us to 'chase' them.

Well, everyone should have a girlfriend right. It's a moment of day out from our hectic schedule as mom, wifey and employee. (But i believed we can not runs from all of the above right! - somehow 'they' must be in our topic in someway)

This time around, we meet at BEN's General Food Store at Publika. After a day of fabric haunting for our upcoming collection. Great food and an awesome company. Perfect for a girlfriend day.

What we had :
Half Chicken with 2 Salads (Highly recommended)
Breakfast Pizza
Nutella Shake (Soooo delicious)
Baked Cauliflower

And we hope it is not too late to wish our dear friends and followers;
Selamat Menyambut Maal Hijrah

May it be a better year for every muslim.
Thank you Allah for this beautiful friendship and allowing us to 'chase' our dream together
In Sha Allah

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Love for Artificial Flowers

Everyone love fresh flowers - the smell, freshness and the feel
It will simply create that 'lively' mood especially beautiful arrangement flowers
If i want to feel good too, sometimes a bouquet of fresh flowers in a glass jar by the bed
will put a smile early in the morning   :) blessed

However for hantaran purposed, artificial flowers seems not the favourite
But for us, we believed it can create the same fabulosity if things are arranged rightly
It started with the quality of artificial flowers choose. Hey! After all, it is reusable for your house decor!

Here are our simple tips in choosing beautiful artificial flowers

1. Invest into a good quality artificial flowers
2. Get a great mix (type and colours)
3. Less-perfect is preferred!
   - Not every petals are at the same size!, Not every leave are the same green colour
4. Looks real
5. 'Decor friendly' criteria - soft stalk preferred for easy creations
6. Play with tricks - water in a jar, splash of water and scented smells
7. Bunch of it - In this case, more is merrier   :)
8. Play with shades of colours
9. Accessorised it - Same treatment as fresh flowers.
10. Love them! - Hey, its still flowers. What's not to like...

Monday, October 7, 2013

Motherhood to Mya and Dyana

Journey of Motherhood has always been a sensitive but an exciting topic to both of us.
We were not as lucky as many in terms of our attempt being a mother.
If you have read our blog before, you would known neither mya nor dyana has that smooth journey as others.

But one thing for sure, we are truly believers that Allah swt has a greater plan for us.
All we need is a little bit of patience, lots of prayers and high believing in FAITH.
It is surely a worth while moment for both of us.

If you have been our followers, Dyana has recently just delivered her 2nd baby boy and
Mya is currently at her 3rd trimester.
Like any other mom, we are all struggling to be the best mother to our child.
Learnt from mistakes, do not shy to ask around, read a lot!,  are all those typical techniques to become better.
Not only motherhood but also in our life in becoming a better muslimah to Allah swt.

So dear mothers out there, we believed you have did the best of your best in raising your child.
Do not get anyone to bring you down and criticised your motherhood.
They are not in our shoes!

Mya and Dyana are enjoying our 'confinement and pregnancy' in our own way!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Website new banner

If you have not know this, we basically deals most of our stuff on our own.
From photography, promotional and packaging. It is easy such way and more personal.
So if you just wonder sometimes why do we update the blog/website periodically.
well know u know the reason. 
All need to wait till the long list completed one by one.
We are not complaining but just sharing, juggling between motherhood and dream is never easy.

Anyway, the banners are up darlings at

Friday, September 13, 2013

may and dyana, in 7 wonderful years

In life, sometimes when you were exposed to so many things inspiring,
you tend to be out of your focus.
Especially when your no datelines were set or anything.

In our case, as a working mom we both have surely a high expectation in life
Shepard wife wanna be and realising our dreams.
But we believed BOTH are not contradicting but it can be balanced in someway

We love spending quality time with our little family
and We love too - inspired and be inspired

So when someone approched us, loving our life (or rather photos) via our Instagram
All we could said THANK YOU and BLESSED with that little support
Because we believed, we are truly just little ordinary people that have BIG DREAMS

So thank you again if you happened to READ this BLOG,
of been following our dreams and work via INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, PINTEREST and other BLOG.

May&Dyana celebrating 7 years of our simple journey to our DREAM
(and believed us, the DREAM become bigger everyday)
'Ya Allah, blessed this wonderful friendship too'

We are actively at

Friday, August 30, 2013


Hi MD darlings,
It have been a while.. well we think no further explanation needed..

Anyway this as normal, we took our baby steps to rebrand certain items.
This includes our new packaging look...
So we get Aurora Classy Stylish to design us...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Iris Series. Pretty Pastels

We have just introduce our Iris Series new collections; Pretty Pastels.
Under our our clothing line, we have brought in several hijab series.
Iris Series is our plain chiffon shawl; 1.8m x 0.75m in size.
Follow our Facebook Page or Instagram Account: Stylebymyaanddyana

pss: We will be introducing our Raya 2013 Collection too!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Idea for Toolbox

Since we are mostly on mobile, our little gadgets have to be easy to carry everywhere.
Even outside from our creative hub - the Studio.
It is where we stuff our small little accessories and the MUST HAVE tools in creating that "wow" in our creations.
But seems lately, Mya has this huge crush in making DIY, we must now look for a proper storage for the utensils. That tool box might not be that practical anymore.
So dear darlings out there, if you have nice creative idea, do share it with us!


PINTEREST } Myaanddyana

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Studio

Psst.. we have moved our little studio to a new place...
"Dream Big, Pray & Dua. Give 110% then wait. Allah will plan the rest and what's best"

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mya and Dyana ; THE BLOG

Hi Darlings,

May be you have drop to this humble blog before OR
This is your first time viewing us; Mya and Dyana...
whichever way, WELCOME to the Mya and Dyana : THE BLOG.

The refresh look and content of this Blog hopes to continue inspire you with all of our creations.
With our tag, "MAKE PRETTY THINGS"
We would love to share more of our story and ideas!

Enjoy our new look; of Mya and Dyana ; THE BLOG } Wedding & Gifts } Clothing & Lifestyle